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Pick-up services

We don't just ship goods for you, we can also pick up even internationally.
We organise the collection of your products from suppliers nationally or abroad.


We store your goods individually and efficiently.

Order picking

When a shipping order is received, we assemble your parcel. Of course this proces is not the same for small products as for large products. Every product is picked and assembled smoothly.


Every parcel needs the right shipping packaging. Wheather in cartonsor on pallets, your products are assebled correctly and prepared for shipping.


We select the best parcel delivery service or the most fitting shipping company for you. Your parcels should reach their recipient quickly, safely and cheaply.

Returns processing

We also take care of your returned goods. Returns are classified from undamaged to damaged and returned to your inventory - if possible.


We calculate our prices on an individual basis.

Every order requires an individualised fulfillment solution. For this reason, we do not have a price list. The prices are calculated based on the following aspects:


How much space your goods need in our warehouse depends on its volume.


How many products, in which dimensions and weight have to be picked and assembled for delivery.


The price must also include packaging materials - depending on product - must meet couriers requirements.


Printing and inserting of different materials are also important cost factor.


Shipping requirements are different for domestic or international delivery. And are different for EU and nonEU destinations.


Shipping costs themselves - as part of the price - may vary depending from product, dimensions, weight, delivery requirements.